Hands Down, the Best Way to Increase Your Self Worth

Meet My Guardian Angel Self Worth Snow on Rocks 4.jpgDo you ever think that you sell yourself short?  Most of us do.  We don’t really honor the amazing gifts we possess.  We hover somewhere between adequate and almost good.

We know we have more potential.  And when we consider that we’re not living our lives fully, it bothers us.  But what to do?  We feel like we don’t have the freedom to make sweeping changes.  Money has to be made, kids need to be taken care of, the house needs to be cleaned, we need to get in shape, we require more sleep, etc.

So what cuts through that overwhelming blockade of “must dos”?

There is one simple thing you can do that will send shock waves through your life and will directly and powerfully impact your sense of self worth and how your external environment sees you:  value the present moment.

It really is that simple.  And here’s what it looks like:

Getting up in the morning, brush your teeth like it matters.  Clean your body with care.  Dry yourself off fully after a shower or bath.

Make your breakfast like it is the most important thing you’ll do all day.  And then wash the dishes with the same importance.

Take one thing at work or one of your daily tasks, as do it with excellence and calm.

When you talk to someone, stop everything you’re doing and listen to them.  Really listen.  And when and if you reply, do so with thoughtfulness.

It’s simple, right?  Actually, it is.  It’s just a daily practice.

If you don’t value yourself, it might just be that it’s because you’re out of practice in valuing things in your life…

Try this for a week and you’ll be amazed at your results!

Love and blessings,

Mary Beth



What If You Let Yourself Want What You Really Want?

Often, we are a bit sheepish when we start to say what we want.  We’re apologetic, or we understate what really want because we don’t wish to appear greedy or needy.

But what if we wrote lists of what we really want.  I think if we distilled down what is really important to us, we’d find wisdom there.

I have an idea of the house of my dreams.  It’s wonderful!  And what I would create there is a home full of love, self-expression, discovery, community, communion, and comfort.  And that’s greatly important to me.  That is what I value.

If we looked a little deeper into what we want, the desire to be in better shape could actually be a wish for living with inspiration, energy, vitality, and creativity.  Also, it could be the need for mental clarity and calm.

Look through your wants.  Even if you can’t see an “enlightened” purpose for your wants, still honor them.  They are usually a stepping stone to your growth and self-discovery.

What would life be like if we boldly said what we really want?  It would be powerful!

Being in the Flow – Start with Wholeness

There are all sorts of things that I want: a great romantic relationship, great connection with family and friends, an open heart, financial abundance, the feeling of freedom, doing my passion every day, making a difference for people, etc.

But if I get caught up in those wants, I feel them slipping through my fingers.

I realize, when I really think about it, that I don’t want the things.  I want the experience of freedom, love, and joy.  Now. I want the experience of financial abundance. Now.  I want to be connected. Now!

And all of that is possible right now.

I am not limited.

I don’t have to wait to feel financial abundance only after I’m debt free or have investment properties or have a certain amount of money saved.

Why not feel that feeling now?

It’s all here for me: the feeling of being loved and cherished, the connection, the open heart, financial abundance, freedom, passion, making a difference.

Moving from wanting to having is powerful.  And this experience of having is not about acquiring. It’s actually an act of creation.  I can create those feelings now and always.  I don’t have to wait for them to come into my life to feel them.

This is living backward, in a way.  And accepting what is here for me right now, so much so that I can think of something other than being dissatisfied, gives me the room to create the feeling of having something or having a feeling already.

My change in perception is that all is available and I am now accepting, picking out, seeing, acknowledging, the things that I choose to accept.

What if pain, joy, freedom, suffering, stress, love, violence, calm, peace, and being known are all out there, there for the taking?

And I can take whatever is wonderful to me.

I key on love and peace and joy and openness.  Can it be that easy?  I am thinking that it can…

Being Open

I just spent the weekend with a dear friend of mine who I get to see only about once a year.
This friend has some of the best luck I’ve ever seen! She somehow meets fascinating people, gets football tickets at great prices at random, and makes amazing connections with people that last a lifetime.
Since we had a rare weekend together, I got to see her in action in a way I’d never seen her before and I discovered one of the things that makes her so special: she’s open!
She’s up for having a great time and she’s game for fun. In fact, fun is her rule in life. Now, she’s not a non-stop partier or socialite who flits from one excursion to another.
She’s a wife and a mother and she’s taking a challenging graduate program in a field that is new to her. She cooks dinner every night and keeps a clean house and loves her quiet home-body lifestyle.
But even if she’s sitting quietly at home or running errands or talking to friends, she’s open. This is an interesting quality that she has and it makes her an attractive person.
People like her.
She gets special treatment at restaurants and events. People just give her things or she
gets great discounts. People love her openness. And her daughter is the same way. She’s very open and people take to her right away.
So after our weekend, I thought about my friend a lot. Not only did she make me feel special and fun (and I hardly think of myself as fun), but she inspired in me the idea of being
I woke up yesterday and decided to have an open day. I was just open to whatever life presented to me yesterday and it was truly an amazing day.
I worked from 8:30 am to 10:15 pm because I was hosting a work event. But I wasn’t even tired yesterday. I was a great hostess and was animated throughout the evening event.
I even saw several people with whom I’d previously had a contentious and tension-filled
relationship with and I greeted them with love and kindness that was absolutely genuine. I realized that I would normally be guarded with them in case they were mean or catty to
me. But being open meant that I would express love for them from the beginning and that if they were mean, I would respond with humility and generosity.
They responded with great kindness and now, that tension is gone in that relationship.
I did great and complete work on the event. It went incredibly smoothly and when I got home, I took the time to put everything away and I left my house clean, even though I didn’t sit down until around 11:30 at night.
But it was EASY! Being open is actually easier than being closed and having blinders on and
unconsciously blocking people out.
I like this openness!
Have a peaceful day, everyone!  Practice being a “Yes!”  Practice being open!

Tap Into your Pot of Gold!

Discover the powerful uniqueness in yourself!

Discover the powerful uniqueness in yourself!

Show off your own style and uniqueness to stand out. That’s the advice I’d give to people getting started online now.

Conor Maynard – recording artist who signed his first record deal at the age of 17
Indeed!  Show off your own style!  Sure it makes sense with an up an coming recording artist.  But what does that mean for you and me?
This means: find that pot of gold that you’re unknowingly sitting on, open it up, and use those talents that you’ve got to the fullest! Create a life worth living and ignite a passion within yourself that gets you out of bed every morning!
Most people have no clue how many talents they possess and how INCREDIBLY POWERFUL they are! There talents are the things that, when expressed, are powerful enough to positively change the world forever.
Let’s move beyond celebrities here and talk about everyday people going to everyday jobs.  I’m one of those everyday people.  I have a job and a family and responsibilities.
But I, like you, have some extraordinary gifts that, when expressed, make my life amazing!
I’m talking about gifts that can seems mundane – being an gifted listener (there are politicians and the world’s best sales people who have this as their biggest gift), being a great teacher (Dale Carnegie was a gifted teacher – he put together complicated concepts and made them easy and accessible to the common person), or having love in your heart (a contestant, Carla Hall, on a season 10 of Top Chef, excelled at the show only when she stopped trying to cook like the others and instead embraced her Louisiana roots and “cooked with love”).
Maybe you’re a visionary, maybe you’re a social genius who brings people together, or maybe, you’re a quiet person, who notices the beauty in the smallest of things (like Emily Dickinson).
Whatever the talent you have, you have additional talents that compliment that main talent.  There are people who are gifted teachers, who might teach people to play guitar, but they then go on to use their organizational and business skills to teach other people how to teach and market online.
The benefits of using your talents are unbounded.  They also lead to great happiness, motivation, and creativity!  And they also lead to financial abundance, rich relationships with family and friends, and greater health!
When we tap into our gifts, life starts to be about more than daily survival.  It becomes an adventure worth living!
The benefits of using your talents are unbounded.  They also lead to great happiness, motivation, and creativity!  And financial abundance, richer relationships with family an friends, and greater health!
When we tap into our gifts, life starts to be about more than daily survival.  It becomes an adventure worth living!
Mary Beth Robinson is an internationally-known Guardian Angel channel.  She teaches people how to tap into the incredible gifts they possess and how to start using their gifts daily to enrich their lives and to tap into their potential in a very real way.  Using her intuitive gifts, she can see people’s divine purpose in a deep and profound manner.  Her readings and teaching are life changing, bringing hope and empowerment to everyone who hears her message.

The Key to Making Every Day Harmonious

The-Key-To-Making-Every-Day-HarmoniousI channel Guardian Angels and there are times that they give me messages to share with everyone.  This is a message about the one thing that can make or break our day.

Guardian Angels:  “Hello everyone!  There is misconception about life that is running rampant – the idea that we have to rush through life and accomplish.  This thought permeates our everyday life.  We get up and go!  Thinking of what there is to accomplish, feeling like we’re going to “lose ground” if we don’t get allot done.

We’re not saying to laze about and expect things to get taken care of.  But there is indeed a better way.

This is all about your mindset throughout the day and that makes all of the difference.  If our attitude starts out as, “I’m not okay as I am and I need to go out and improve who I am, or what my financial position is, or how I’m seen by others”, it’s a set up for at the very least inefficiency, and at worst, complete dissatisfaction, disconnection to those around us, and the creation of additional problems and issues in life that are a reflection of our attitude that we’re not worthy and we must accomplish in order to become worthy.

The best thing to do is to see this pattern as it plays out.  Make friends with these manic thoughts – for in noticing them, we have an immediate opening to live another way.  We may think that we need to focus more on other people and connecting, etc.  But that’s actually backward.  When we’re not living to prove something (that never works, by the way), we can try all we want to connect with our family and friends and co-workers but it doesn’t work.  What does work is to see the “I have something to prove” or “I’m not good enough” mindset.  For when that lie is revealed, we automatically experience our essence as connected, loving beings who go through life with a wonderful freedom to act as appropriate.

There’s a world of difference in acting from “I have something to prove” and “I’m in harmony with myself and I naturally do what needs to be done.”  And that difference is all in our underlying belief.

To access harmony, see what beliefs are there.  This takes some work, but it is work that pays off in great dividends.  Take the time to unravel your erroneous thinking and harmony will unfold naturally.”